Poetic Devices: Reading Poetry


Reading poetry is multi-layered as they can be interpreted upon every single reading. The reading(s) is made enriching with varied meanings and elaborations that a reader can have with perception and context. Similarly, the contextual reading is always an apt way to take in.

In the same way, figures of speech act significantly to make poetry more elaborately meaningful and complex enough to interpret. Figures of Speech containing poetic devices make your poetry more interesting to delve in. And, those devices are used in poetry and other literary pieces to craft rhetoric and vivid layers.

On the other hand, poetic devices might make your poetry reading symbolic or figurative. Some of the devices making poetry more sensible are simile, metaphors, assonance, alliteration, onomatopoeia and other.

Do follow 3 things to know more about it:

  1. Read this notes : http://www.chaparralpoets.org/devices.pdf
  2. This page includes 15 the most interesting devices that you shouldn’t miss. http://www.enkivillage.com/figure-of-speech.html
  3. This YouTube video helps you a lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qn4P3tvKNAg

Concrete Poetry: Cascade of Creativity


Concrete poetry appeals more of your visual sense along with its message. The visual portion of poem is served with forms and patterns of letters, words and typography. The letters and words are shaped and written in different ways to represent something visually that you are writing on.

For instance: If you write a concrete poem on cat then you are supposed to craft letters and  words in the shape of cat which is visually as well as arguably adequate.

Concrete Cat by Dorthy Charles

Read the analysis and summary of Concrete Cat by Dorthy 

Concrete poetry is also known as shape poetry in which image plays vital role than words to convey message.

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